Chapter 1

An Overview of the Law of Evidence: The Pre-Digital Age

Chapter Content

  1. Background
  2. The Earlier Conversation
    1. The Law of Evidence and Its Essence
    2. Forms and Nature of Evidence
    3. Evidence: All about Proof
    4. The Concept of Document and “Original”
  3. Witnesses and Hearsay Rule
    1. Examination of Witnesses
  4. The New Age Conversation
Chapter 1 begins with an overview of the law of evidence in pre-digital age. It examines the old fashion conversation of the law of evidence in legal proceedings; the concept of document as originally conceived from the common law perspective. It advanced the notion that the pre-digital Evidence Act and its legal frameworks were devised in an analog age when cross-border communication was rare and online communication and social media were unheard of and where legal framework simply did not contemplate a world in which electronic data transfer, whether international or local, are commonplace.