Chapter 6

Electronic Document and Admissibility Foundation

Chapter Content

  1. Introduction: Document Generally
  2. Electronic Document
  3. The Concept of Signature in Electronic Document
    1. Electronic Signature: Proof of Electronic Communication under the Evidence Act
  4. Computer-Stored and Computer-Generated Records as Documents
    1. Computer-Stored Document/Records
    2. Computer-Generated Records
  5. Specific Electronic Documents Prone to Litigation and Their Admissibility Consideration
    1. Electronic Mail (Email)
    2. Text Messaging (Short Message Service)
    3. Instant Messaging (Chat Room Discussions)
    4. WhatsApp: An Online Messaging Service
    5. Black Box in Legal Proceedings (Evidentiary and Admissibility Issues)
    6. Digital Radiography (CT scan, MRI and other forms of X-ray documents) as Evidence in Legal Proceedings
Having laid the necessary and specific foundation for the admissibility consideration when handling digital evidence in court, it becomes expedient to provide and consider the processes that require the application of the enumerated admissibility foundation. These processes run from Chapter 6 to Chapter 16 and are herein summarized. Given what constitutes document in the digital hemisphere and the inherent problem in its nature, Chapter 6 specifically examines electronic document and its admissibility.