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Digital Evidence & eDIscovery Law Practice in Nigeria

What can lawyers, prosecutors, law enforecment agencies and judges do to take advantage of the potential knowledge inherent in digital data to streamline the pre-trial and trial processes? What guidance can judges give to the bar in formulating rules and protocols for the exchange and handling of electronic evidence? What gaps exist in the current legal education curriculum and what changes need to be made so that law students are fully equipped to succeed in an ever-evolving digital work environment?

This book, written by Emeka Arinze Esq (a certified digital forensic attorney) delves into these questions and provides a starting point for further consideration of legal education, developing digital curriculum and leveraging technology to increase access to law practice in the 21st century within the African continent.

To deal with the structure of this training, the book is structured into 5 major parts to wit:

  • Digital Evidence
  • eDiscovery Law Practice
  • Digital Forensic Investigation, Prosecution and Defence
  • Forensic Expert Witness
  • Data Security